Thursday, March 13, 2008

I don't often blog about givewaways, but this techno gadget is just too cool to pass up. Im not sure whats cooler, the idea of winning your own Soda maker, or this cool new review site called Ping and Win. He does video reviews, which usually make me cringe - but - I have to say, he's a pretty good videographer, and I enjoyed the review of this product, and actually showed my 4 year old daughter.
Now, a home made Soda maker is JUST what we need, because I do not let my kids drink soda because of all the chemicals in it. However, they dont like seltzer water. I would love to have a fizzy lifting drink machine in my house. What a great invention, and it looks like a cross between an Alien from the movie Aliens ( My husband LOVES that part) and a Crups stainless steel coffee machine.
This item is a great idea for anyone who is looking for a healthy alternative ( and cheaper too, after you all add it up) to nasty store bought sodas, and something you can hide healthy things in like real fruit juices and stuff.
Want one? Get it here.