Bad idea #243 - a computer for your car

Sunday, April 20, 2008

NAVISURFER™ is a Windows or Linux based vehicle computer that operates like a regular home computer with the only difference that it's designed to work in a car environment. NAVISURFER™ allows to run any normal Windows or Linux compatible applications also serves as Audio / Video Player, Vehicle GPS Navigator & Tracker, Rear View Camera, In-Car wireless Internet, In-Car TV, In-Car Game Console and In-Car Mobile Office and real-time OBD-II vehicle diagnostics.
NAVISURFER™ is compatible with any passenger or commercial vehicle, it's easy to install and doesn't require any professional skills. Simply mount in the vehicle plug to the in-dash screen and you are ready to go. NAVISURFER™ can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, under the driver/front passenger seat or even in the car trunk. With a remote turn-on option, NAVISURFER™ can be turned-on using the remote button or with vehicle ignition.

Can I get a WHAT WHAT?
This is a baaaaad idea. Have you met my husband? Obviously, the creators of this man murderer haven't. Think about this a second. A computer that you can browse the internet on.... while you drive. When my husband is browsing the internet, he can't smell dirty diapers, notice the kids killing each other, or remember to eat, and you want to put these things into men's car's so they can read their daily blogs and techno garble while they commute? And please, do NOT tell me its for the passenger. Carpooling is not a way of life in New Jersey, but stupid drivers are. This is a stupid toy for stupid drivers who are obsessed with information overload. I mean look at the picture of it, Ebay? You want to check your Ebay status while cruising down Route 80 at 65 miles an hour? How about when the traffic is bumper to bumper and flowing at 50 miles an hour, good time to check your fantasy football scores? let me know whose going to be watching to road, because it isnt going to be the people who own these things. I don't think men are going to buy these for the two times a year they are the passenger in their own cars, they are going to purchase these to theoretically browse the internet on boring commutes to work. I see lots of fender benders, side swipes and innocent motorcycleists being run down in mainland China, like road kill. If this product is a hit, there are just enough stupid people to buy them, use them, and kill someone or themselves. Seriously, this should be banned... and of course, my husband wants one. lol