Food Should Taste Good.... and It Does!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few weeks ago, I was pushing Sagan through the grocery store, and these chips were glaring at me to buy them. The name struck me at first, "Food Should Taste Good". Huh, I thought, why not, I will try these. The ingredient list is not filled with chemicals like many snacks!

These chips are ridiculously good. I bit into one and said, "wow". I don't do that often, you see because I don't particularly LIKE chips. So I go find my husband and give him an Olive FSTG chip. He said, "holy crap, these are insanely good." So I went out the next day and got the Jalepeno bag, and we polished those off in one day. So I wondered... what is the secret to these incredible bits of crunchy ecstasy?

Food Should Taste Good chips are available in SEVEN great tasting varieties. Multigrain, Jalepeno, Olive, Chocolate, and most recently Sweet Potato, Buffalo, and The Works! These recent additions will be available this Summer at fine grocers like Whole Foods, specialty markets, but I found these goodies right on a shelf at Shoprite!

You hear the term guilt free snacks, but often, they have added things in them like preservatives and flavorings that are not very healthy. You would think that because Food Should Taste Good has none of these things they wouldn't taste as good as other snacks, but they literally taste better. They have a pure, zesty flavor with out any tinge of chemicals. They have no modified ingredients ( GMOs) trans fats, or cholesterol. They are gluten free and kosher. Their secret is the flavor is in the chip, not sprinked on it. The Olive ones, in my opinion, taste like they have an olive tapanade in them. You don't need to dip them in fatty oil filled dips, you just munch them right out of the bag. I mean, seriously, these chips may be the biggest thing going right now. Get to the store and try them today, and then come back .....and thank me!

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sophia turns five today. I can't believe she has been with us 5 remarkable years. She is a unique child, that is for sure, very loving, kind, gentle ( except to brother), beautiful, healthy, and hilarious. I am so lucky to have this little stinker in my life. There is seriously no other kid like her on the planet.


So, the influx of toys has started, and will continue from today till this Sunday, when birthday festivities officially conclude with a musical party at a local studio, 19 screaming, dancing kids under 6, and momma with a migrane and a large alcoholic beverage in her hand at the Police Concert that night. Thats right folks, my kids party, then I leave for the PNC arts Center to see the Po-lice! The first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money. Oh, memories.

I plan to review some of the toys that are highlights of Sophia's birthday season this year. I will even throw in some contests and giveaways in the next week to honor my little rose bud's birthday. Stay tuned and enjoy her homeless wonderwoman pose above!

Sophia's favorite gift so far was of course... this moth like creature with scanty clothing - the one, the only... Mariposa!

We interupt this blog to bring you hydrangeas...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Anyone who knows me know I love two things besides my family... my dogs, and, my hydrangeas. Well this time of year yields some stunning Nico Blue's and other variations in my yard. I know its in bad taste to tell people this, but, my bush is huge. See for yourself!

Momin law hiding in the big blue bush!

Charlee Katz Creations - Simply Stunning!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Charlee ... One Word. Divine. These unique and beautiful hats and scarves are so well made, even the pickiest hat lover will pick these. Now, I know it's July, and its a hard to picture yourself in one of these warm, cuddly hats while we schvitz in the blistering heat, but now is the time to get a head start on Christmas shopping.
From the time you pull one of these soft cheneille hats from the box, you will be hooked. They are made with quality stitching, and have a unique look and feel to them. My favorite part is you can get matching hats and scarves for moms and daughters! It just doesn't get any better. I have a friend who knitted Soph and I matching hats and scarves. We looked adorable when we went out, until I stupidly left my hat at a playgroup. Now that Soph has this gorgeous hat for the chilly months, I can hardly wait for that first crisp day to send her out in her special Charlee Katz Creation!
Want a gorgeous hat ensemble' for you and your darlings? Visit Charlee Katz ( actually, that's her daughter's name) and browse her collection, and read her story. I promise these hats do not disappoint.

Giveaway - Ola, Amiga! Canta en Espanol! Habla en Espanol!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok two things to start off. One, I do not speak Spanish. Two, I can't find the damn Nina symbol on my keyboard, and its making me bonkers. How am I going to type Spanish words with no nina? Does anyone have a Compaq Presario who can tell me how to use special symbols? Jeesh.

We tried out " Our Silly Farm Adventure" from Professor Pocket. I just want to say I LOVE this CD. So does Soph. At first I was a little aprehensive, thinking once you have heard Muzzy, or one of those "learn to Speak Spanish" CDs you have heard them all. No- this is done differently. The songs are in Spanish and English, interchanging with each other like a beautiful dance, with some of the funkiest beats I have heard in children's music. You can't HELP but sing along. The kids can't help but learn through memorization! the CD follows Professor Pocket, Desi the Dinosaur and Chico the Chicken on a bilingual musical adventure to visit the very unique and magical farm where Chico was born. Listeners will be delighted to learn that pigs drive tractors, cows make chocolate milk and horses fly at this farm, where nothing is what it seems! A silly bilingual storyline, 5 original songs and a remake of the popular Latin American folk song, “Los Pollitos”, are sure to get the whole family singing and speaking along in Spanish.
Personally I am a firm believer in teaching children to be Bilingual in this country. It is important to me that Sophia and Sagan learn Spanish ( actually, with Sagan, we will just be thrilled if he masters English! lol) both at home and at school. Up to this point I felt limited as far as resources go for achieving this goal. With products from Professor Pocket, I think kids of ALL AGES can get a jump start on becoming bilingual and being entertained at the same time.
Would you like a copy of Professor Pocket's Hawaiian Hula Adventure? It's our first official giveway here at Sagan's Universe! Just visit Professor Pocket's awesome and easy to navigate site, and tell me in a comment what your favorite product would be. Winner will be picked August 5th!
A Dr. Toy Best Products award winner.

The Poofy-est Poof in All of Poofdom!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If you are looking for the best girlie poof tutu out there, look no further. Not that I have had alot of experience with tutu's yet, as my daughter isn't in ballet - I know a good poof when I see one. And so does Sophia. Sophia is the dress up QUEEN. I call her Emelda Marcos because she has about 25 pairs of dress up shoes alone. And when she saw this tutu come out of the box, I thought she was going to stroke out. This girl knows her Poof. And so does Prissy Poofs.

PrissyPoofs became a reality in 2000 when a precious three-year old named Annie Hope requested a Pink Party, and demanded tu-tus for all of her guests...You know how persuasive three-year olds can be. The first "Poofs" were unveiled to sixteen three-year olds, and the response was overwhelming! As a result they can offer the same fantastically fabulous "Poofs" to you! Each is beautifully handcrafted with yards and yards of tulle. Take a look through their site to see how they have changed the way you look at dress-up!

Now onto the kid tested, mother approved section - Um, Sophia squealed and refused to take it off for bed after her bath. She spun, twirled looked at their colorful catalog and.... wait... what's that? OH NO! Annoying little brother is here to wreck my day!

Off the Poof, Hellspawn!

Go check out Prissy Poofs today and see the huge selections of Tutu's they have. They have them for special occasions, themes, tiny babies, bigger kids, and even Halloween! You will amazed like I was, when you take this beautiful, well made tutu from the box - and I assure you you wont be disappointed with the poof factor!!!!!

Howdy Momdotters!

Monday, July 21, 2008

These sassy ladies got it goin' on over there! You can get your site listed for free if you give them a gander and see all the cool things they have over there. I like to think of as my own personal launch pad for blog "touring". I love reading other women's blogs ( I think I have some weird version of voyeurism) and checking out new products, and the ladies over at momdot organise it all neatly into little catagories for you, so you can browse till your butt is stuck to your chair! Head on over, and watch Toni and her funkalicious friday dance videos, and you will never leave.

Your kid, only, Cuter!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really folks, this is CUTE. There's Sagan, right there sitting on that picnic blanket in his very own book, staring him! This is just one of the cool personalized creations available from our friends at Peeka Productions. Sophia has read this to her brother about four times today.

This interactive book highlights familiar baby games like patty cake and peek a boo. The illustrations are bright and captivating. The child’s name and custom character that looks like him or her is featured throughout the book playing games with adorable fuzzy friends. All books include a personalized dedication page. Peeka Baby Like Me(SM) personalized children's books are entertaining and educational gifts for babies and young children. The personalized name and custom character help make the children feel connected to reading at a whole new level. This early learning collection encourages children to learn basic concepts and words in a fun and interesting way.

I also want to note that Peeka Productions has the coolest thing going out for you Chicago Land area families... You can go in and produce your own DVD, where you appear IN the book reading to your kids! They have high end professional quality video equipment and are currently booking studio time. How fun would that be to go make a DVD of yourself or spouse reading to your kids while you are away - or even worse, deployed in the military? So, don't delay, go check out their groovy site, see what products they have for not only babies but older kids too. The customization part of the whole experience really makes it special.

Polliwalks review - kid tested for durability.

I got Polliwalks for both kids at the beginning of the Summer. I was curious to see how they held up in comparison to the Walmart or Dollar Store Croc knock offs. Polliwalks retail for about $24.99 and I ordered them from KB back in May. Saddly by June, Sagan had outgrown his pair and started getting sore spots on his feet where they touched. Now, almost August, I can't even get his toes in them and they are almost brand new. I think they are getting shipped off to Angela's Connor for next Summer, along with a barely used pair of Vincent Shoes! That will teach me to buy shoes for Sagan that aren't 4 sizes too big.

Sophia's pair, the purple frogs, get LOTS of comments when we go out. I have yet to see another pair of Polliwalks, except for my best friend's daughter's red lady bug pair. So, after running around the playground, walking through sand with them, mudpiles, and walking up and down roads in the rain in them, how are they holding up? Well to be completely honest, no better than a Walmart knock off pair of Crocs. the bottoms are getting worn, the eye sockets are completely scuffed, and one eye is now half cracked. Worst of all, the button that holds the straps on is completely loose and it causes the straps to pop off intermitently. And the worst? Sophia is now developing blisters all of a sudden from wearing them. We figured out that she cannot get her feet wet while in them, it causes the blisters. But MAN, are these things cute!

So over all, I have to say I am glad I bought these for the kids, but I wish I had bought the sizes BIGGER than they wear. I was also shocked to not see them take off like hotcakes this summer. I thought for sure they would be all the rage with the kids, but even though I bet they are selling ok, I don't see them anywhere except on my kids feet. I like my kids to be originals. But I also like blister free feet.

The Inlaws are coming! Quick! Unfold the sofa!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ohh Yes! Our latest big ticket purchase from Ikea (ahhhhh Ikea, how I adore you) is turning out to be one of the best inventions those swedish designers of Scandanavian lore have ever come up with. This is the LYCKSELE LÖVÅS and rightly so, because I want to lyck it because I seriously Lovas it. I have no idea WHAT the Swedes are thinking when they name these products, but in this house, Leksvik, Skydda, Spoka, Ektorp, and LYCKSELE LÖVÅS are household words.

So let me tell you a little about this cool Sofa Sleeper. It is like no other, and believe me, Hubby and I were shopping around. You see, my inlaws are coming, as is my Aunt and Uncle, and I am mortified to think of them sleeping on a half inflated, nylon smelling, blow up mattress for one more visit. So we invested in a Sofa sleeper slash futon slash stylish couch from Ikea. It is really cool. I'll explain. First, the matress is just SO comfortable. Its a nice, three ply foam mattress with a nice thick cover. Then we got the quilted mattress pad for an extra $30.00. So worth it. the frame of this is steel and wood. Its sturdy, heavy too. It "plops" down like a futon. There are no metal bars sticking in you, its smooth going all over. And soft and a good distance from the ground. To store it, you push it up on its wheels quite easily, and throw this WAY COOL cover over it that comes down on it like a fitted glove. Done. Its so easy and it is plenty big for the inlaws, but stylish enough to be an every day couch. The cover is washable and thick, and it comes in 7 cool colors and fabrics. So if you are in the market for a sleeper sofa and you can't stand the thought of buying another futon, or another couch that has that metal bar sticking in your back while you sleep, you need to get your happy ass to Ikea and pick up this affordable alternative to a sleeper sofa.

Feel like killing yourself yet?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few minutes at this man's blog and you just might. Apparently Roger, a curious little man, has a random obsession with the death dates of movie and television stars. Take a looksee at his blog and let the light of hope shine down upon you. Or just weep at this cyber memorial to the late and greats through out history.
UPDATE: Ok. While I do not advocate suicide in any way shape or form, If you still don't feel like killing yourself and would like to, please - see our friend Roger's youtube song " Take out a perscription".
It helps greatly if you dislike cats as much as I do, to get the full effect.

My name is Spoka. I live on your bedroom floor.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is Spoka. Apparently, he's a ghost.

Spoka is one of those adorable little kid's products from one of my favorite stores, Ikea. This weekend the Hubby and Sophia hit the Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ, ( ironically, yes that is the smelly part of NJ everyone sees from the airport, but sales tax in Elizabeth is 3%... go figure!) We picked up this little nightlight slash cuddly friend. The best thing about Spoka the nightlight, besides his errie green glow, is he is rechargable. If you leave him on all night, no problem, just plug him in the next morning and he will recharge! Now, thats the best idea I have heard about kids nightlights in a long time!

Things that are good to know about Spoka:

  • Will be lit 4-6 hours with the battery fully charged.
  • Recommended for children 3 years and older.
  • Light diodes are not replaceable; diode life approx. 50,000 hours.
  • Transformer/charger included.

MomDot Pre-launch giveaway!--Yummy Mummy's Decadent Bownies!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There are two things I love in life., and brownies. Now, is having a cool pre-launch giveaway. Yummy Mummy is one of the most visually stimulating sites you will ever see.... it's porno for your tastebuds! Check it!

Shoo Shoo reVoo...

Sagan got a pair of these cute little shoes with helicopters and I fell in love! I was so thrilled to put these on my babies feet, as he never stops moving! We had a big problem with the bottoms of other soft soled shoes getting "slippery" as the leather aged and became matted down, but so far, he has been bouncing around like a monkey in his ShooShoos and no matting is apparent on their fuzzy, smooshy, suede-like bottoms. The leather through out the shoe is buttery soft, and the little elastic part around the ankles is extremely well made, with no elastic showing through, like some other pairs. It is well stitched and holds them on tightly with out restriction. The colors are bright and cheerful, the helicopter design on them is top notch. We absolutely love these soft soled shoes, and I am really impressed with how well they are holding up to the torture of being thrown, ran around on the driveway in, chewed during diaper changes, etc. They maintain their shape a little better than some other brands, and I notice little to no thread or stitch loosening, even on the design. The price is something you can't beat, they are well worth the money. Over all, ShooShoo's are our new favorites around here... my son has very big feet for his age ( toddler 7) and the the 24 month ones fit him beautifully.One last thing I should note.. there are several styles of ShooShoos available currently for $12.95.. these styles are of limited quantities so if you see something you want in the cheaper styles buy them as they may not be there later! Believe me at that price you can't go wrong!!

Sacred Heart Diet - Day #6 - What diet?

Monday, July 14, 2008

I've kind of transitioned into a strange low sugar, low carb lifestyle - unintentionally. Going with out dessert really isn't that hard anymore. Only eating a meat and a vegetable at dinner will now be the norm. Having one small treat a day, if that, seems doable. I've detoxed off the constant cravings for sugar. I no longer eat at night. Now, add some portion control and calorie counting, plus some good old fashion excersize, and I should be down 20 more pounds in no time. I didn't eat any soup today. I lost 4 more ounces, so I am about 8.5 pounds down since last Monday.

Sacred heart diet - Day #5 - Power failure, and a Sh*t storm of bad luck

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh my God, what a crappy day on the diet front. I didn't even eat much. I was hanging in there good, only eating fruits and veggies, looking forward to my wedding tonight. No, not my own wedding, one I didn't have to plan or pay for, our last friends are getting married from the Hubby's original friends crew. I worked my tail off to get a baby sitter for this ( I never leave my kids with anyone) since we have no family around. I never get out with Stu for a night alone, and trust me, the word "never" is not an exageration. But I digress. This is supposed to be a "about the diet" post. So I'll weave in some information about the diet. Im getting ready for the wedding, and the power goes out. Two hours later, Stu leaves for the wedding, I am home in a dark house with two bitchtastic children. All that watermelon and spinach salad I had so carefully eaten through out the day went right the holy hay hay out the window. I don't even think he was out of the driveway before I hit the fudgie pops. I mean they are low sugar, but I needed something sweet and cold. Stat. Then I had a nasty fruit and grain bar, those babies are loaded with sugar. Oh, and a peice of pizza. SO yeah, I spiralled. I was so pissed to be missing the wedding, and with every text the "gang" sent me to make me feel better... some even packed with pictures of my husband and all our friends dancing and having fun... the more food I put in my mouth to comfort myself. I am so mad at the power company right now. I don't even know if it's their fault, but it gives me someone to hate right now. The timing couldnt have been worse. I think now how lucky we were though, that it hadn't been 45 minutes later, or the baby sitter would have been alone... with the kids. And the kids were AWAKE. It got up to 90 degrees in the house, and with no music or TV either, Sagan was a wild animal. He was not napped, so he was a head banging, non verbal nightmare. Here I am standing in my kitchen on the verge of tears, with two screaming kids while my husband leaves to attend a wedding. AGAIN. This exact thing happened in January, only we were in Long Island. It was -9 degrees out, and the ltitle motel we were staying at lost power. Stu was... were? Oh yeah, at the WEDDING, and I was freezing in a hotel room with two crying kids. Tonight, home in the boiling heat with two crabby kids, while Stu is at ....a wedding. Coinidink for sure.... but it sucks.
No gain or loss today to report, which I guess is ok!

Sacred Heart Diet - Day #4 - Falling off the Soup Wagon

Friday, July 11, 2008

I fell off the wagon today, and hit the ground. Hard. First off, I learned it really is the soup that makes this diet work, and thus, one must EAT THE SOUP in order to loose weight, which is, the objective of this stupid experiment. I woke up this morning 8 pounds lighter. I then realized the soup was in the shitter, and I had no time to make more soup. So I tried to stuff myself full of bananas and skim milk the way the diet calls for on this day. And then I supplimented. Ya know, with some parmasian cheese on my broccoli, a bite of Sophia's lunch... two mini raviolis at dinner, some amazing concotion my friends husband made with capers and olives... and probably oil... You know. Basic CHEATING. And then to top off the cheating, I eat beef jerky just now. So yes, I am eating well. Fruits, veggies, only two bites of carbs all day... but still no soup. And GUESS WHAT? You guessed it! I just stood on the scale. I gained FOUR POUNDS. Now, heres the interesting thing. I didn't even EAT four pounds of food in the last FOUR DAYS. So, explain to me how I gained that.... water. I drink a ton of water and it anit coming out. Its just hainging there, in my cells, like Sponge Bob Square pants or something. So tomorrow I have a wedding to go to and I am going to be careful. This diet will be BACK on TRACK come Sunday, even if I have to start all over again. UGH.

Sacred Heart Diet - Day #3 - All Jacked Up

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I found the soup completely unbearable to swallow. I had one bowl, two large spinach salads, four or five peices of fruit, a bag of baby carrots.... and about 10 walnuts. Not on the diet. I also had my illustrious shot of cream in my coffee... not on the diet. I accidently ate my daughters bread crusts. Not on the diet. I believe my body was telling me, eat these things. I am drowing. You need a damn carb. You need some damn protien. This just anit right.
I woke up with out my usual hang over feeling this morning. I do notice that when I awake, I am up, in the shower, and I don't feel sore or tired very long. However, today, by 6 o clock, my body was craving carbs and protiens. I was almost dizzy. I ate some peaches, and still felt dizzy. Empty. Like I needed oxygen. That was when I ate the bread crust. I can't believe I am resorting to bread crust.
So tonight I dumped the little soup that was left ( I'd say I injested over a gallon in the last three days) because it was starting to taste a bit gamey, ate my fruits and veggies all day, and snuck three or four bites of protien and carbs in through out the day. I have't eaten a normal dinner in three nights. I have had soup for breakfast three days in a row. And my scale just now tells me I am down 5 pounds.
I'm hoping to have some review products in here shortly to take my mind off all this dieting. I am also going to my first challenging day with this diet tomorrow... to my friends house, where there are always wonderful foods.... and I will be spending my time there chasing Sagan around, and eating Banannas with skim milk, as thats what the diet calls for tomorrow. Can't I just have one G.D. baked potato?

Sacred heart Diet - day #2. This is extremely unpleasant.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Further proof that the human body has the amazing ability to store food for times of famine, I have eaten nothing but soup and fruits for two entire days and have lost less than three pounds. It was not like I was sitting around all day, I was moving. Grooving. Cleaning, and running around with the kids, playing outside, vaccuming. Barely sat down. I rarely had time to consume the soup, and by the third bowl, I threw it out after just drinking the broth. I simply can't bring myself to eat this soup again today. I will have some in the morning.

So I stepped on the scale just now, and I am literally down just three measley pounds since yesterday morning. I am guessing alot of that is due to the constant drinking I am doing. I was really starting to feel a groove around noon, I had been having spinach salads with balsamic vinegar on it, and then I cheat a tiny bit and added a small dash of catalina dressing. I wanted to get down as much spinach as I could, and threw in some cukes and cherry tomatoes. Half way through I decided on the five drop sof Catalina dressing. Which is ironic, because I don't even like Catalina dressing. But it helped get the mounds of veggies down twice today.

Now onto what it tastes like to eat a piping hot baked potato after two entire days with nary a carbohydrate passing through my lips. I slathered that baby with butter as the diet states for today, the entire time wishing the potato was bigger. I ate it like it was last potato on earth. Three hours later, I crashed big time. Slid right down that simple carbohydrate mountain, right down it, flat on my ass. Boom. I got sleepy, ornary, and hungry. The kind of hunger that makes you want to hit your husband. I wanted a Kit Kat. pronto. So I did what anyone in the middle of a sugar crash would do. I took a nap.

Now I am up, and I am hungry, cranky, and looking for another potato. Tomrorow can't come soon enough. I am going to try the day tomorrow with out coffee. I mean, I don't want to give coffee up I really don't, but at this time, I am completely reliant on caffiene and sugar to fuel my body to get through a day. I have been like this since my son was born, since he never slept and that meant, I never slept. I would get up, drink a pot of coffee, and get through my day on 2-3 hours sleep. I lived in this haze for too long. Now that he is an excellent sleeper, I am ready to kick this caffiene habit and get some sleep. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I am going to make a new pot of soup, and season it with Cayenne pepper. Hopefully this one will trick my mind into liking it again.

Sacred Heart Diet - Day #1 - Detox.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I noticed my typo from yesterday and decided to leave it there. Yes, the "scared heart" diet fit me well when I awoke this morning, and came to the quick realization that I would be eating soup first thing in the morning. If I have to see this soup one more minute today, I am going to completely and utterly HURL. And yes, I have six more wonderful and delicious days left.
So today I detoxed off sugar. I am not giving up caffeine till day three, so, don't rush me. One thing I noticed right away is once you start injesting the soup, you just kinda go... numb. Put it in your mouth. Chew. swallow. Just get through it. It doesnt taste that bad. Sometimes I eat the onions first, other times, I treat myself to the little, worm like noodles. I am not even sure there should be noodles in this thing. But it said " chicken noodle soup" so I put it in there. All in all, I drank about half gallon of this soup today. I often left behind the green beans. They just taste crappy when they are cooked in this fashion.
So about 4 every day I usually crash. I call it my afternoon sugar crash. I always feel like I need a nap mid day. Today, mid day, for the first time in 2 years, I felt completely awake and refreshed at mid day. I didn't feel a slump, a crash, or require a rest period. I have been on this diet 17 hours and I all ready feel better. Im sharper and more alert with out sugar and simple carbohydrates. Its just that simple.
On the down side, I feel like I am missing something. Every second of the day, I crave french fries and ice cream. To really torture myself, I watched the finale of Hells Kitchen tonight. Petrozza's Lobster Strudel is still lingering in my mind, I can almost taste it. I fantisize about good food like most men fantisize about sex. Ohhhh fresh baked cookies. Ohhhh that wonderful hand made ice cream from the stand down the road, rich, white, and creamy... someone smack me.
So its midnight, and I made it through with only two small cheats. I put a DASH of milk in my coffee today. It was skim. I also used a couple Splenda. And then, at dinner, I stole one tiny bite of my kids hotdogs. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't too hot! Also, something weird happened while I was driving. Weird, and now I see, dangerous. I was driving down the road and reached down into my console and put a swedish fish in my mouth. I literally did it unconciously. I swallowed the swedish fish and thought a couple minutes later, DAMN! I wasn't supposed to eat that! But it was too late! I had unconciously ate while driving. I highly reccomend not having food with in arms reach while you drive. It's too psychotically temping. Stick it in a locked glove compartment or under the car seats or something. especially Swedish fish, which my friend Gretchen got me addicted to. They are like the crack of the candy world. Avoid at all cost.
So that concludes day one. Check in tomorrow when I visit the beautiful world of the baked potato... mmm with extra butter! I have never been more excited about a f$%*ing potato in my entire life!

What's that Smell? Scared Heart Diet, Day = Prep.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ok Ok Ok, I know what you are going to say... Fad diets are dangerous! Useless! Gross! Well, whilst I wait for some new products to review shortly, I thought I'd talk about my journey this week with the "Sacred Heart Diet", a relative to the all so popular and much more smelly, "Cabbage Soup Diet", which I will not be embarking on. Ah, the odyssey of weight loss. Can you smell it?

So today was Prep Day, the day I prepared the concoction of vegetable goodness.. After chopping, dicing and spicing my way through a mound of required ingredients, I set that baby to boil and sat my fat ass down to watch some TV while it simmered away. About 20 minutes in I realized my house smelled like Mama Rosa's Tomato emporium. Heres the short list of the soup:

  • 1 or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes
    3 plus large green onions ( I used one big Vidalia, sue me)
    1 large can of beef broth (no fat)
    1 pkg. Lipton Soup mix (chicken noodle) (yeah two... they were small!)
    1 bunch of celery
    2 cans green beans (fresh! Screw this canned stuff, its Summer!)
    2 lbs. Carrots
    2 Green Peppers
Cover in water, cook a long time.

Simmering brew of veggie goodness....

Now, I have quite a bit of weight to loose, so, this is more of a detox program for me, because I don't think 10 pounds will make or break my girlish figure at this point. I am addicted to caffiene and sugar in an epic way, and if the constant preparation of soup and thoughts of specific foods keeps me busy enough to forget to eat puff pastries, then, the diet does it's job. But I need a good detox to jump start me on my journey, and this has all veggies I like in it, so I thought, why not?

Now, I have this huge Dutch Oven filled with molten hot soup, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how the hell to fit it in my fridge. I have moved the milk, the juice, all the jelly jars and left over chicken Kiev, and I can't fit this bleepin thing in my fridge. So I have to get up in 7 hours, and I am bent over, ass in the air, rearranging my fridge to fit this huge metal pot filled with slushie veggie gruel. Apparently the point is to eat this stuff through out the day tomorrow... and for the next 7 days. The good news is, at dinner time, I am to eat a steak one day, milk and bananas one day, potatos, etc. I am pretty sure that by dinner time each day I will be so ravenous, that I would eat raw goat if the diet called for that.

So check out this link, go buy your veggies and join me! Check in each day as I become more dispondent, grumpy and mentally disoriented! And who said Crash diets aren't fun?

Product review - Blunders Board Game!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

So its been raining for TWO DAYS. July 4th we decided to let Sagan nap before we headed over to friends house for a swim party, begging the sky to button it up so we could enjoy the outdoors.... and as it is, we ended up sitting in the rain with both kids watching fireworks! Its was fun, more fun than I thought it would be. While we waited to head out, I cracked open Sophia's newest game, Blunders™ and Hubby and I played with her and made some notes.

The board game teaches children ages 5 to 10 about social and dining etiquette in a unique, interactive, and educational way. Players use a colorful board, tokens, and many, many "question cards", and have a good laugh as they try to help Bobby, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder improve their manners. and according to the Blunder's website ( and the story of how a SAHM invented this game is extremely interesting!) While playing the Game:

Children Will Learn How To:
- -Have polite table manners and set the table properly
- -Introduce themselves with confidence
- -Have nice manners at school
- -Treat others with respect, empathy, and kindness
- -Be a gracious guest and polite host
- -Have polite telephone manners
- -Understand the benefits of having nice manners

Is based on North-American etiquette standards and universal values such as:

- -It is not nice to bully, tease, or gossip
- -Develops players’ logic, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual skills
- -Supports character development in school curriculums
- -Is the perfect game to play at home, school, and with any social organization

So some notes on Blunders. I noticed after Sophia played this game, for hours afterwards, she was trying to use her best manners. It was hilarious. "Mother, may I please have some juice? "Mother? May I please have a chocolate fudgie?" In this little angelic voice. I watched my husband play with her and go through the cards with her. The board is really cute. ( see above). The pieces are big and playful. The cards are filled with situations where a child has to think about the correct action or thing to say. One card was True or False - it is ok to eat corn on the cob with your hands in a fancy restraunt". Who knew it is ok to eat corn on the cob with your hands where ever you are? Didn't know that! The game works by having you roll FIRST, then if you get the question correct, you get to move to that spot. That was a bit confusing at first. But Sophia likes this game. She likes to challenge her dad to see if he has good manners! She rather play Blunders now than her favorite game, Chutes and Ladders. My husband thinks its a bit monotonous, and wordy, but the bottom line is kids will pick this game over other games when it comes to family interaction. And it works. So even with its few quirks and slightly involved learning curve, it does seem to do what it sets out to do - teach these kids some manners!

Want Blunders™? Visit their website, learn about its creator, and order your family a box today!

my run in with Mary Kay Cosmeticz!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I gots me one of these cool compacts. But, of course, with the compact comes the gammit of other products you are convinced into buying. It all started back when an acquaintance of mine hit me up to have a Mary Kay "thing" for her. Not being much of a make up wearer, and watching my face in the mirror slowly become more and more "needy" of make up, I thought, well, why not. I'll splurge that hard earned economic stimulus check, and work me up a little Mary Kay magic. So I asked her to come on over. One compact... one bottle of hand cream, one facial cleaning "regimen" and one 14 dollar tube of mascara later ( I look like a raccoon in mascara, I mean, seriously) I found myself with an adorable little carrying case free for being a hostess, filled with treats, goodies and feel good applications of what I feel are some of the greatest make up and facial products I have ever used, as well as a couple not so good ones. So you see, my relationship with Mary Kay on the whole is a love/eh relationship. Here's what I love and hate, so far:
Love - The Time Wise Three in One facial cleanser - No smell, no irritation, cleans well, doesn't leave your face dry. Highly recomend it.
Love - the Time Wise Daily facial hydration for normal to Oily skin - Works great, very light, again no perfume to give me hives, and no tight or sticky feeling after using it.
Love - The Satin Hands Hand cream. Its in a big, orange tube. Forget the name, but the hand cream will rock your ass.
Love - the Compact over all. The eye shadow is slammin. The brushes are conveinient. I don't like how every time I open the thing they fall out the back of the compact onto my floor. I am working on that.
Mad Mad Love - The Even Essence. If you have Rosecea, it is great. its for discolored, red or blotchy patches on the face. Yes, it works. But expensive. My Mary Kay lady hooked me up. She is an asset to Mary Kay... but a detriment to my wallet.
Super Mad Hardcore Love - The tinted Facial moisturizer. Its a Summer MUST HAVE. Works well with the Even Essence. Pricey, but remember not all Mary Kay is pricey, just the good stuff. This is just my stuff. Every one has different skin requirements and different tastes in make up and cleansers. So don't just take my word for it, try some Mary Kay, you wont be Sorry.
Thanks for inventing this, Love - the Eye Make Up Remover is fantastic. I will never use anything else. It just wipes right off with one wipe.
Ok, now for the ut Ohs.
Small love - The Full Coverage foundation. First off, it didn't match my skin all that well. Mary Kay-Selling-friend didn't exactly sell me the wrong one, I just tanned a week or two after buying it. Application of foundation renders me looking like an over weight Geisha Girl. It is smooth and light, but made me a little itchy with all that full coverage. Over application results in clay like feeling on your face. Next time I will try something more translucent, and a few shades darker. Ivory 200 is too light for me!
Eh, Love - The Mascara. For the price, I can get mascara that doesn't make me look like a raccoon quite as bad down at the CVS. Its called waterproof. This isn't the worlds best Mascara, its just so-so.
Yeah, No. - I really do not like the lipstick that comes with the compact. I have tried it three ways from Saturday, and it just doesn't look good on me. Plus, after I applied it, I got a couple hives right under my lip a few minutes later. Then they got a little itchy. When I went to itch my lip, I smeared the lipstick all over. I looked like a drunk hooker. I had to remove it. I also had a similar issue with the mascara. It globbed in the corner of my eye, and when i went to dab, I smeared it, Tammy Faye Baker Style. I attacked it with my eye make up remover. I am not a make up kind of girl can you tell? But I do like Mary Kay stuff.
Selling Mary Kay. Hmmm. I'm still a little up in the air about this one. You know I am always looking over my shoulder for cultish behavior, especially in Multi-level-marketing, Pyramid Schemes, and Self Help groups turned into nightmares. I'm really not getting a bad feeling about Mary Kay. Seems legit. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it. I personally haven't been recruited, and if I was, I would politely say no, no hard feelings. If Mary Kay and selling MK helps empower my friends lives - then I will do what I can to support that dream for them. Plus, the pink satin lined carry case you get is worth the hassle of hosting in its self. But for sure, yeah, no selling make up for me. That would be like a Rabi running a pork store. Oy!

Product review - Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I knew a long trip was ahead this past week as we headed to Central Jersey to attend a birthday party, so what better time for Sophia to review Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel for me, a well made, interesting, and educational story on CD for children. Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel is done in the style of those awesome audio adventure books on tape I used to obsess over as a child. I remember Samson and Delilah was my favorite. I listened to it on my tape recorder time and time again, drawing pictures in my head on our long trips to the Adirondaks. Giddio has created this wonderful story in such a way that it captures kid's attention. it's fully and professionally voice casted, bright and lively with a meaningful lesson, and as a bonus, teaches about local government! Also, Giddio has won numerous awards for these Billy Brown audio adventures, and I can see why. We have a few books on tape for the kids, and this is much better. What a coincidence that recently we were trying to explain to Sophia, who turns 5 later this month, that we have a "Town Council" that ok'ed a pharmacy being built on our corner. This will in turn, add alot of traffic to our road, making it almost impossible to exit our street. My husband has been attending town meetings to try to ban the proposed construction. Try explaining that to a child... but now, with Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel, it just so happens she understands the concept of local government. It's a great story, and I don't mind listening along as I drive. I highly recommend this Story on CD to anyone with a bright little mind riding along in the back seat!