Food Should Taste Good.... and It Does!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few weeks ago, I was pushing Sagan through the grocery store, and these chips were glaring at me to buy them. The name struck me at first, "Food Should Taste Good". Huh, I thought, why not, I will try these. The ingredient list is not filled with chemicals like many snacks!

These chips are ridiculously good. I bit into one and said, "wow". I don't do that often, you see because I don't particularly LIKE chips. So I go find my husband and give him an Olive FSTG chip. He said, "holy crap, these are insanely good." So I went out the next day and got the Jalepeno bag, and we polished those off in one day. So I wondered... what is the secret to these incredible bits of crunchy ecstasy?

Food Should Taste Good chips are available in SEVEN great tasting varieties. Multigrain, Jalepeno, Olive, Chocolate, and most recently Sweet Potato, Buffalo, and The Works! These recent additions will be available this Summer at fine grocers like Whole Foods, specialty markets, but I found these goodies right on a shelf at Shoprite!

You hear the term guilt free snacks, but often, they have added things in them like preservatives and flavorings that are not very healthy. You would think that because Food Should Taste Good has none of these things they wouldn't taste as good as other snacks, but they literally taste better. They have a pure, zesty flavor with out any tinge of chemicals. They have no modified ingredients ( GMOs) trans fats, or cholesterol. They are gluten free and kosher. Their secret is the flavor is in the chip, not sprinked on it. The Olive ones, in my opinion, taste like they have an olive tapanade in them. You don't need to dip them in fatty oil filled dips, you just munch them right out of the bag. I mean, seriously, these chips may be the biggest thing going right now. Get to the store and try them today, and then come back .....and thank me!