Howdy Momdotters!

Monday, July 21, 2008

These sassy ladies got it goin' on over there! You can get your site listed for free if you give them a gander and see all the cool things they have over there. I like to think of as my own personal launch pad for blog "touring". I love reading other women's blogs ( I think I have some weird version of voyeurism) and checking out new products, and the ladies over at momdot organise it all neatly into little catagories for you, so you can browse till your butt is stuck to your chair! Head on over, and watch Toni and her funkalicious friday dance videos, and you will never leave.


Haasiegirl said...

WOO HOO! We loooooooooove shoutouts! Thank you so much for talking about us..and your right, toni does have the booty shaking thing down. Thats why we keep her!


Ms. K said...

I found you on momdot!

Is Sagan's name inspired by Carl Sagan? My brother did/does a kick-ass Carl Sagan impression from the films we saw in elementary school. Love it!

Alicia said...

Thanks for the shout out for Momdot!