The Inlaws are coming! Quick! Unfold the sofa!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ohh Yes! Our latest big ticket purchase from Ikea (ahhhhh Ikea, how I adore you) is turning out to be one of the best inventions those swedish designers of Scandanavian lore have ever come up with. This is the LYCKSELE LÖVÅS and rightly so, because I want to lyck it because I seriously Lovas it. I have no idea WHAT the Swedes are thinking when they name these products, but in this house, Leksvik, Skydda, Spoka, Ektorp, and LYCKSELE LÖVÅS are household words.

So let me tell you a little about this cool Sofa Sleeper. It is like no other, and believe me, Hubby and I were shopping around. You see, my inlaws are coming, as is my Aunt and Uncle, and I am mortified to think of them sleeping on a half inflated, nylon smelling, blow up mattress for one more visit. So we invested in a Sofa sleeper slash futon slash stylish couch from Ikea. It is really cool. I'll explain. First, the matress is just SO comfortable. Its a nice, three ply foam mattress with a nice thick cover. Then we got the quilted mattress pad for an extra $30.00. So worth it. the frame of this is steel and wood. Its sturdy, heavy too. It "plops" down like a futon. There are no metal bars sticking in you, its smooth going all over. And soft and a good distance from the ground. To store it, you push it up on its wheels quite easily, and throw this WAY COOL cover over it that comes down on it like a fitted glove. Done. Its so easy and it is plenty big for the inlaws, but stylish enough to be an every day couch. The cover is washable and thick, and it comes in 7 cool colors and fabrics. So if you are in the market for a sleeper sofa and you can't stand the thought of buying another futon, or another couch that has that metal bar sticking in your back while you sleep, you need to get your happy ass to Ikea and pick up this affordable alternative to a sleeper sofa.


tjonsek said...

I absolutely adore IKEA. I can't think of a room in our house that doesn't have at least ONE thing from there.

Besides the affordability and chicness of their designs - the store is WAY kid friendly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll have to swing by here more often. The reviews are great - totallly honest, which is what a mom wants.

Tawnya @ a woman's blog

to_wonda said...

You have to come visit me!
We have almost everything from IKEA. Even glasses and plates...

Do you remember our first time together at IKEA? I think it was your first time there and it was so amazing that I found everything they sell in Europe also in your IKEA in NJ.

There was this blowup couch and we were laughing our butts off...
Guess what, my brother has one now :-)

Valeria's favorit IKEA thing is here Garden-Playhouse. Legstyga is the Swedish word for it...

Hello from Germany!