my run in with Mary Kay Cosmeticz!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I gots me one of these cool compacts. But, of course, with the compact comes the gammit of other products you are convinced into buying. It all started back when an acquaintance of mine hit me up to have a Mary Kay "thing" for her. Not being much of a make up wearer, and watching my face in the mirror slowly become more and more "needy" of make up, I thought, well, why not. I'll splurge that hard earned economic stimulus check, and work me up a little Mary Kay magic. So I asked her to come on over. One compact... one bottle of hand cream, one facial cleaning "regimen" and one 14 dollar tube of mascara later ( I look like a raccoon in mascara, I mean, seriously) I found myself with an adorable little carrying case free for being a hostess, filled with treats, goodies and feel good applications of what I feel are some of the greatest make up and facial products I have ever used, as well as a couple not so good ones. So you see, my relationship with Mary Kay on the whole is a love/eh relationship. Here's what I love and hate, so far:
Love - The Time Wise Three in One facial cleanser - No smell, no irritation, cleans well, doesn't leave your face dry. Highly recomend it.
Love - the Time Wise Daily facial hydration for normal to Oily skin - Works great, very light, again no perfume to give me hives, and no tight or sticky feeling after using it.
Love - The Satin Hands Hand cream. Its in a big, orange tube. Forget the name, but the hand cream will rock your ass.
Love - the Compact over all. The eye shadow is slammin. The brushes are conveinient. I don't like how every time I open the thing they fall out the back of the compact onto my floor. I am working on that.
Mad Mad Love - The Even Essence. If you have Rosecea, it is great. its for discolored, red or blotchy patches on the face. Yes, it works. But expensive. My Mary Kay lady hooked me up. She is an asset to Mary Kay... but a detriment to my wallet.
Super Mad Hardcore Love - The tinted Facial moisturizer. Its a Summer MUST HAVE. Works well with the Even Essence. Pricey, but remember not all Mary Kay is pricey, just the good stuff. This is just my stuff. Every one has different skin requirements and different tastes in make up and cleansers. So don't just take my word for it, try some Mary Kay, you wont be Sorry.
Thanks for inventing this, Love - the Eye Make Up Remover is fantastic. I will never use anything else. It just wipes right off with one wipe.
Ok, now for the ut Ohs.
Small love - The Full Coverage foundation. First off, it didn't match my skin all that well. Mary Kay-Selling-friend didn't exactly sell me the wrong one, I just tanned a week or two after buying it. Application of foundation renders me looking like an over weight Geisha Girl. It is smooth and light, but made me a little itchy with all that full coverage. Over application results in clay like feeling on your face. Next time I will try something more translucent, and a few shades darker. Ivory 200 is too light for me!
Eh, Love - The Mascara. For the price, I can get mascara that doesn't make me look like a raccoon quite as bad down at the CVS. Its called waterproof. This isn't the worlds best Mascara, its just so-so.
Yeah, No. - I really do not like the lipstick that comes with the compact. I have tried it three ways from Saturday, and it just doesn't look good on me. Plus, after I applied it, I got a couple hives right under my lip a few minutes later. Then they got a little itchy. When I went to itch my lip, I smeared the lipstick all over. I looked like a drunk hooker. I had to remove it. I also had a similar issue with the mascara. It globbed in the corner of my eye, and when i went to dab, I smeared it, Tammy Faye Baker Style. I attacked it with my eye make up remover. I am not a make up kind of girl can you tell? But I do like Mary Kay stuff.
Selling Mary Kay. Hmmm. I'm still a little up in the air about this one. You know I am always looking over my shoulder for cultish behavior, especially in Multi-level-marketing, Pyramid Schemes, and Self Help groups turned into nightmares. I'm really not getting a bad feeling about Mary Kay. Seems legit. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it. I personally haven't been recruited, and if I was, I would politely say no, no hard feelings. If Mary Kay and selling MK helps empower my friends lives - then I will do what I can to support that dream for them. Plus, the pink satin lined carry case you get is worth the hassle of hosting in its self. But for sure, yeah, no selling make up for me. That would be like a Rabi running a pork store. Oy!

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Haasiegirl said...

I am LMAO at this....i love REAL reviews, thanks for telling me what you dont love too and saving me raccoon eyes. Ill get your listing up shortly, im working hard!