Polliwalks review - kid tested for durability.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I got Polliwalks for both kids at the beginning of the Summer. I was curious to see how they held up in comparison to the Walmart or Dollar Store Croc knock offs. Polliwalks retail for about $24.99 and I ordered them from KB toys.com back in May. Saddly by June, Sagan had outgrown his pair and started getting sore spots on his feet where they touched. Now, almost August, I can't even get his toes in them and they are almost brand new. I think they are getting shipped off to Angela's Connor for next Summer, along with a barely used pair of Vincent Shoes! That will teach me to buy shoes for Sagan that aren't 4 sizes too big.

Sophia's pair, the purple frogs, get LOTS of comments when we go out. I have yet to see another pair of Polliwalks, except for my best friend's daughter's red lady bug pair. So, after running around the playground, walking through sand with them, mudpiles, and walking up and down roads in the rain in them, how are they holding up? Well to be completely honest, no better than a Walmart knock off pair of Crocs. the bottoms are getting worn, the eye sockets are completely scuffed, and one eye is now half cracked. Worst of all, the button that holds the straps on is completely loose and it causes the straps to pop off intermitently. And the worst? Sophia is now developing blisters all of a sudden from wearing them. We figured out that she cannot get her feet wet while in them, it causes the blisters. But MAN, are these things cute!

So over all, I have to say I am glad I bought these for the kids, but I wish I had bought the sizes BIGGER than they wear. I was also shocked to not see them take off like hotcakes this summer. I thought for sure they would be all the rage with the kids, but even though I bet they are selling ok, I don't see them anywhere except on my kids feet. I like my kids to be originals. But I also like blister free feet.


Chastity said...

These are SO cute! I love them so much better than the Crocs. As usual, thanks for the honest write-up! Love your blog.

Katie said...

We have of the pink ones...I can't remember what they are but Maddie loves them...I love those gator ones...must HAVE now. You are going to break me with all these great things you have on your site!!! I don't know how you find them - BUT THANK YOU!!! :)