Product review - Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I knew a long trip was ahead this past week as we headed to Central Jersey to attend a birthday party, so what better time for Sophia to review Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel for me, a well made, interesting, and educational story on CD for children. Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel is done in the style of those awesome audio adventure books on tape I used to obsess over as a child. I remember Samson and Delilah was my favorite. I listened to it on my tape recorder time and time again, drawing pictures in my head on our long trips to the Adirondaks. Giddio has created this wonderful story in such a way that it captures kid's attention. it's fully and professionally voice casted, bright and lively with a meaningful lesson, and as a bonus, teaches about local government! Also, Giddio has won numerous awards for these Billy Brown audio adventures, and I can see why. We have a few books on tape for the kids, and this is much better. What a coincidence that recently we were trying to explain to Sophia, who turns 5 later this month, that we have a "Town Council" that ok'ed a pharmacy being built on our corner. This will in turn, add alot of traffic to our road, making it almost impossible to exit our street. My husband has been attending town meetings to try to ban the proposed construction. Try explaining that to a child... but now, with Billy Brown and the Frog Tunnel, it just so happens she understands the concept of local government. It's a great story, and I don't mind listening along as I drive. I highly recommend this Story on CD to anyone with a bright little mind riding along in the back seat!