Sacred Heart Diet - Day #1 - Detox.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I noticed my typo from yesterday and decided to leave it there. Yes, the "scared heart" diet fit me well when I awoke this morning, and came to the quick realization that I would be eating soup first thing in the morning. If I have to see this soup one more minute today, I am going to completely and utterly HURL. And yes, I have six more wonderful and delicious days left.
So today I detoxed off sugar. I am not giving up caffeine till day three, so, don't rush me. One thing I noticed right away is once you start injesting the soup, you just kinda go... numb. Put it in your mouth. Chew. swallow. Just get through it. It doesnt taste that bad. Sometimes I eat the onions first, other times, I treat myself to the little, worm like noodles. I am not even sure there should be noodles in this thing. But it said " chicken noodle soup" so I put it in there. All in all, I drank about half gallon of this soup today. I often left behind the green beans. They just taste crappy when they are cooked in this fashion.
So about 4 every day I usually crash. I call it my afternoon sugar crash. I always feel like I need a nap mid day. Today, mid day, for the first time in 2 years, I felt completely awake and refreshed at mid day. I didn't feel a slump, a crash, or require a rest period. I have been on this diet 17 hours and I all ready feel better. Im sharper and more alert with out sugar and simple carbohydrates. Its just that simple.
On the down side, I feel like I am missing something. Every second of the day, I crave french fries and ice cream. To really torture myself, I watched the finale of Hells Kitchen tonight. Petrozza's Lobster Strudel is still lingering in my mind, I can almost taste it. I fantisize about good food like most men fantisize about sex. Ohhhh fresh baked cookies. Ohhhh that wonderful hand made ice cream from the stand down the road, rich, white, and creamy... someone smack me.
So its midnight, and I made it through with only two small cheats. I put a DASH of milk in my coffee today. It was skim. I also used a couple Splenda. And then, at dinner, I stole one tiny bite of my kids hotdogs. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't too hot! Also, something weird happened while I was driving. Weird, and now I see, dangerous. I was driving down the road and reached down into my console and put a swedish fish in my mouth. I literally did it unconciously. I swallowed the swedish fish and thought a couple minutes later, DAMN! I wasn't supposed to eat that! But it was too late! I had unconciously ate while driving. I highly reccomend not having food with in arms reach while you drive. It's too psychotically temping. Stick it in a locked glove compartment or under the car seats or something. especially Swedish fish, which my friend Gretchen got me addicted to. They are like the crack of the candy world. Avoid at all cost.
So that concludes day one. Check in tomorrow when I visit the beautiful world of the baked potato... mmm with extra butter! I have never been more excited about a f$%*ing potato in my entire life!


dietgirl said...

Your doing great Stacy! Keep up the good work! Z

Peggy said...

That soup looks so delicious! I'm also partaking in a detox diet to bring my figure back in shape after a year of letting myself go. I usually go for lemon water (not lemonade) with various fruits, boiled vegetables, and fish. Aside from these foods, I also take yoga sessions.

I guess that's why last week at the San Jose skin care where I was in, they told me that I look more glowing due to my current stress-free lifestyle!