Sacred heart Diet - day #2. This is extremely unpleasant.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Further proof that the human body has the amazing ability to store food for times of famine, I have eaten nothing but soup and fruits for two entire days and have lost less than three pounds. It was not like I was sitting around all day, I was moving. Grooving. Cleaning, and running around with the kids, playing outside, vaccuming. Barely sat down. I rarely had time to consume the soup, and by the third bowl, I threw it out after just drinking the broth. I simply can't bring myself to eat this soup again today. I will have some in the morning.

So I stepped on the scale just now, and I am literally down just three measley pounds since yesterday morning. I am guessing alot of that is due to the constant drinking I am doing. I was really starting to feel a groove around noon, I had been having spinach salads with balsamic vinegar on it, and then I cheat a tiny bit and added a small dash of catalina dressing. I wanted to get down as much spinach as I could, and threw in some cukes and cherry tomatoes. Half way through I decided on the five drop sof Catalina dressing. Which is ironic, because I don't even like Catalina dressing. But it helped get the mounds of veggies down twice today.

Now onto what it tastes like to eat a piping hot baked potato after two entire days with nary a carbohydrate passing through my lips. I slathered that baby with butter as the diet states for today, the entire time wishing the potato was bigger. I ate it like it was last potato on earth. Three hours later, I crashed big time. Slid right down that simple carbohydrate mountain, right down it, flat on my ass. Boom. I got sleepy, ornary, and hungry. The kind of hunger that makes you want to hit your husband. I wanted a Kit Kat. pronto. So I did what anyone in the middle of a sugar crash would do. I took a nap.

Now I am up, and I am hungry, cranky, and looking for another potato. Tomrorow can't come soon enough. I am going to try the day tomorrow with out coffee. I mean, I don't want to give coffee up I really don't, but at this time, I am completely reliant on caffiene and sugar to fuel my body to get through a day. I have been like this since my son was born, since he never slept and that meant, I never slept. I would get up, drink a pot of coffee, and get through my day on 2-3 hours sleep. I lived in this haze for too long. Now that he is an excellent sleeper, I am ready to kick this caffiene habit and get some sleep. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I am going to make a new pot of soup, and season it with Cayenne pepper. Hopefully this one will trick my mind into liking it again.