Sacred Heart Diet - Day #3 - All Jacked Up

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I found the soup completely unbearable to swallow. I had one bowl, two large spinach salads, four or five peices of fruit, a bag of baby carrots.... and about 10 walnuts. Not on the diet. I also had my illustrious shot of cream in my coffee... not on the diet. I accidently ate my daughters bread crusts. Not on the diet. I believe my body was telling me, eat these things. I am drowing. You need a damn carb. You need some damn protien. This just anit right.
I woke up with out my usual hang over feeling this morning. I do notice that when I awake, I am up, in the shower, and I don't feel sore or tired very long. However, today, by 6 o clock, my body was craving carbs and protiens. I was almost dizzy. I ate some peaches, and still felt dizzy. Empty. Like I needed oxygen. That was when I ate the bread crust. I can't believe I am resorting to bread crust.
So tonight I dumped the little soup that was left ( I'd say I injested over a gallon in the last three days) because it was starting to taste a bit gamey, ate my fruits and veggies all day, and snuck three or four bites of protien and carbs in through out the day. I have't eaten a normal dinner in three nights. I have had soup for breakfast three days in a row. And my scale just now tells me I am down 5 pounds.
I'm hoping to have some review products in here shortly to take my mind off all this dieting. I am also going to my first challenging day with this diet tomorrow... to my friends house, where there are always wonderful foods.... and I will be spending my time there chasing Sagan around, and eating Banannas with skim milk, as thats what the diet calls for tomorrow. Can't I just have one G.D. baked potato?