Sacred Heart Diet - Day #4 - Falling off the Soup Wagon

Friday, July 11, 2008

I fell off the wagon today, and hit the ground. Hard. First off, I learned it really is the soup that makes this diet work, and thus, one must EAT THE SOUP in order to loose weight, which is, the objective of this stupid experiment. I woke up this morning 8 pounds lighter. I then realized the soup was in the shitter, and I had no time to make more soup. So I tried to stuff myself full of bananas and skim milk the way the diet calls for on this day. And then I supplimented. Ya know, with some parmasian cheese on my broccoli, a bite of Sophia's lunch... two mini raviolis at dinner, some amazing concotion my friends husband made with capers and olives... and probably oil... You know. Basic CHEATING. And then to top off the cheating, I eat beef jerky just now. So yes, I am eating well. Fruits, veggies, only two bites of carbs all day... but still no soup. And GUESS WHAT? You guessed it! I just stood on the scale. I gained FOUR POUNDS. Now, heres the interesting thing. I didn't even EAT four pounds of food in the last FOUR DAYS. So, explain to me how I gained that.... water. I drink a ton of water and it anit coming out. Its just hainging there, in my cells, like Sponge Bob Square pants or something. So tomorrow I have a wedding to go to and I am going to be careful. This diet will be BACK on TRACK come Sunday, even if I have to start all over again. UGH.