Sacred heart diet - Day #5 - Power failure, and a Sh*t storm of bad luck

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh my God, what a crappy day on the diet front. I didn't even eat much. I was hanging in there good, only eating fruits and veggies, looking forward to my wedding tonight. No, not my own wedding, one I didn't have to plan or pay for, our last friends are getting married from the Hubby's original friends crew. I worked my tail off to get a baby sitter for this ( I never leave my kids with anyone) since we have no family around. I never get out with Stu for a night alone, and trust me, the word "never" is not an exageration. But I digress. This is supposed to be a "about the diet" post. So I'll weave in some information about the diet. Im getting ready for the wedding, and the power goes out. Two hours later, Stu leaves for the wedding, I am home in a dark house with two bitchtastic children. All that watermelon and spinach salad I had so carefully eaten through out the day went right the holy hay hay out the window. I don't even think he was out of the driveway before I hit the fudgie pops. I mean they are low sugar, but I needed something sweet and cold. Stat. Then I had a nasty fruit and grain bar, those babies are loaded with sugar. Oh, and a peice of pizza. SO yeah, I spiralled. I was so pissed to be missing the wedding, and with every text the "gang" sent me to make me feel better... some even packed with pictures of my husband and all our friends dancing and having fun... the more food I put in my mouth to comfort myself. I am so mad at the power company right now. I don't even know if it's their fault, but it gives me someone to hate right now. The timing couldnt have been worse. I think now how lucky we were though, that it hadn't been 45 minutes later, or the baby sitter would have been alone... with the kids. And the kids were AWAKE. It got up to 90 degrees in the house, and with no music or TV either, Sagan was a wild animal. He was not napped, so he was a head banging, non verbal nightmare. Here I am standing in my kitchen on the verge of tears, with two screaming kids while my husband leaves to attend a wedding. AGAIN. This exact thing happened in January, only we were in Long Island. It was -9 degrees out, and the ltitle motel we were staying at lost power. Stu was... were? Oh yeah, at the WEDDING, and I was freezing in a hotel room with two crying kids. Tonight, home in the boiling heat with two crabby kids, while Stu is at ....a wedding. Coinidink for sure.... but it sucks.
No gain or loss today to report, which I guess is ok!

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tjonsek said...

Ha! - It sounds like one of my days on a diet... any diet.

Oh well - now I'm on the 'eat a little of whatever I want, but just a little' and exercise diet.

We'll see - my downfall is pizza, which I can NEVER have 'just a little' of and my hubbie insists on eating every Friday night.