Shoo Shoo reVoo...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sagan got a pair of these cute little shoes with helicopters and I fell in love! I was so thrilled to put these on my babies feet, as he never stops moving! We had a big problem with the bottoms of other soft soled shoes getting "slippery" as the leather aged and became matted down, but so far, he has been bouncing around like a monkey in his ShooShoos and no matting is apparent on their fuzzy, smooshy, suede-like bottoms. The leather through out the shoe is buttery soft, and the little elastic part around the ankles is extremely well made, with no elastic showing through, like some other pairs. It is well stitched and holds them on tightly with out restriction. The colors are bright and cheerful, the helicopter design on them is top notch. We absolutely love these soft soled shoes, and I am really impressed with how well they are holding up to the torture of being thrown, ran around on the driveway in, chewed during diaper changes, etc. They maintain their shape a little better than some other brands, and I notice little to no thread or stitch loosening, even on the design. The price is something you can't beat, they are well worth the money. Over all, ShooShoo's are our new favorites around here... my son has very big feet for his age ( toddler 7) and the the 24 month ones fit him beautifully.One last thing I should note.. there are several styles of ShooShoos available currently for $12.95.. these styles are of limited quantities so if you see something you want in the cheaper styles buy them as they may not be there later! Believe me at that price you can't go wrong!!