Skipping Hippo's review!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

As girlie things go, I am more of a quality nut that a froo froo nut. My daughter, at only four and a half, is a fashionista. Clothing is her hobby, looking nice, a priority... well at least when she goes out. Around the house, she is usually in a bathing suit, even in the dead of winter, or a dress up outfit, complete with tu-tu.
Thats why when I put this gorgeous coat from Skipping Hippos on her, a huge smile came across her face. She instantly twirled around and declared herself "fancy". It had to be worn with only her "fancy" shoes, and a nice dress. Ironically, this dress coat can be worn as just that, a dress coat. the buttons pull together nicely, are sewn well, and the cut of the coat favors anything from a frock to a pair of leggings. The corduroy is that really soft cottony kind, and it was the first think I noticed - the utter softness of this coat. The retro appliqués along the bottom ( I think its lotus petals?) give it a sweet, pulled together look that just screams high end fashion. The lining is a cotton, polka-dotted material, with silly, feminine colors that are a subtle but perfect Mod accent.
The best thing is even though it is slightly long in the arms on my daughter, I can roll up the sleeves to get that cute cuff look, and it will fit her for two more years. That to me makes this coat worth it. It is not particularly warm even though it is of a heavy quality, so its perfect with a turtle neck for the crisp new England Spring!
So if you have a little Mary Tyler Moore in the making like me and you want a stylish coat people will notice when you walk into church this Easter, Target, or even a playgroup, I reccomend this unique coat for any occasion.