What's that Smell? Scared Heart Diet, Day = Prep.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ok Ok Ok, I know what you are going to say... Fad diets are dangerous! Useless! Gross! Well, whilst I wait for some new products to review shortly, I thought I'd talk about my journey this week with the "Sacred Heart Diet", a relative to the all so popular and much more smelly, "Cabbage Soup Diet", which I will not be embarking on. Ah, the odyssey of weight loss. Can you smell it?

So today was Prep Day, the day I prepared the concoction of vegetable goodness.. After chopping, dicing and spicing my way through a mound of required ingredients, I set that baby to boil and sat my fat ass down to watch some TV while it simmered away. About 20 minutes in I realized my house smelled like Mama Rosa's Tomato emporium. Heres the short list of the soup:

  • 1 or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes
    3 plus large green onions ( I used one big Vidalia, sue me)
    1 large can of beef broth (no fat)
    1 pkg. Lipton Soup mix (chicken noodle) (yeah two... they were small!)
    1 bunch of celery
    2 cans green beans (fresh! Screw this canned stuff, its Summer!)
    2 lbs. Carrots
    2 Green Peppers
Cover in water, cook a long time.

Simmering brew of veggie goodness....

Now, I have quite a bit of weight to loose, so, this is more of a detox program for me, because I don't think 10 pounds will make or break my girlish figure at this point. I am addicted to caffiene and sugar in an epic way, and if the constant preparation of soup and thoughts of specific foods keeps me busy enough to forget to eat puff pastries, then, the diet does it's job. But I need a good detox to jump start me on my journey, and this has all veggies I like in it, so I thought, why not?

Now, I have this huge Dutch Oven filled with molten hot soup, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how the hell to fit it in my fridge. I have moved the milk, the juice, all the jelly jars and left over chicken Kiev, and I can't fit this bleepin thing in my fridge. So I have to get up in 7 hours, and I am bent over, ass in the air, rearranging my fridge to fit this huge metal pot filled with slushie veggie gruel. Apparently the point is to eat this stuff through out the day tomorrow... and for the next 7 days. The good news is, at dinner time, I am to eat a steak one day, milk and bananas one day, potatos, etc. I am pretty sure that by dinner time each day I will be so ravenous, that I would eat raw goat if the diet called for that.

So check out this link, go buy your veggies and join me! Check in each day as I become more dispondent, grumpy and mentally disoriented! And who said Crash diets aren't fun?


Haasiegirl said...

that looks pretty good!


Katie said...

I could eat that all the time! Yummy!