Your kid, only, Cuter!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really folks, this is CUTE. There's Sagan, right there sitting on that picnic blanket in his very own book, staring him! This is just one of the cool personalized creations available from our friends at Peeka Productions. Sophia has read this to her brother about four times today.

This interactive book highlights familiar baby games like patty cake and peek a boo. The illustrations are bright and captivating. The child’s name and custom character that looks like him or her is featured throughout the book playing games with adorable fuzzy friends. All books include a personalized dedication page. Peeka Baby Like Me(SM) personalized children's books are entertaining and educational gifts for babies and young children. The personalized name and custom character help make the children feel connected to reading at a whole new level. This early learning collection encourages children to learn basic concepts and words in a fun and interesting way.

I also want to note that Peeka Productions has the coolest thing going out for you Chicago Land area families... You can go in and produce your own DVD, where you appear IN the book reading to your kids! They have high end professional quality video equipment and are currently booking studio time. How fun would that be to go make a DVD of yourself or spouse reading to your kids while you are away - or even worse, deployed in the military? So, don't delay, go check out their groovy site, see what products they have for not only babies but older kids too. The customization part of the whole experience really makes it special.


Katie said...

OMG ... CUTE. This is a must have. Thank you for posting!! I know my kiddo will enjoy it. :)

Chastity said...

I'm always looking for cute personalized gifts for school friends and new babies. This looks really cute. Makes me wish I loved in the Chicago area! I know I can always count on you for tips on cool new stuff!

C.S. - Little Rock

Lynne said...

My daughter loves it when she sees her name in a book. She would be thrilled to have this!


dietgirl said...

Wow, what a great idea! My boys would be thrilled to see themselves in a book! Definitely a must have!

Zee - NYC