Bad idea #244 - Banana Flavored Oreos

Monday, August 18, 2008

You know how bananas don't actually taste like banana "flavoring"? Like for example banana laffy taffy. Remember that stuff when we were kids? I mean it was yellow and it hinted of banana, but compared to the actual fruit you peel and eat, it wasn't very similar. Well, The folks over at Nabisco have done it again. Created something that not only has empty calories galore for your mid section, but a chemical replica of banana so intensley wrong, that it challenges your taste buds and your mind to a duel of who can cut and run first.

There are things that don't go together -Bacon and Chocolate. Orange juice and toothpaste. McCain and youth. Saddly, I have to add "Oreo filling and banana" to that list. Sorry Nabisco. The only thing worse than these would be Onion Oreos.

When you enter the grocery store and see these things on the end caps, try to avoid them. I mean, not just because they are yellow and taste like bananass, but because you don't wan to contribute monitarily to a company whose next cookie flavor just might be "Tabasco Oreos".

Greasy Faced Bean Boy says eh.... so so.