Bugalug - Stay-Put Hair Accessories for the Urban Girl

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Head bands and hairclips sometimes annoy me. Sophia has thick hair that is rather curly and nothing lasts in place more than a few minutes. Well, Finally the problem has been solved. These amazingly ingenius hair acccessories for little girls, babies and even tweens and teens will revolutionize the way you put pretty things on your head.
When I first heard Bugalugs were coming to me for review, I wondered how they were going to get a headband to stay in place on Soph...- Traction? Pins? Sticky tape? Its nothing like that actually. It's one of those simple, head thumping technologies that truely makes you say, "OH! Why didn't I think of that?" brilliant idea, Bugalug.

On top of these snazzy, mod head "ribbons" that stay in place, they also make some of the best hair clips I have seen, and believe me, we have ALOT of hair clips. Their design is fantastic, and they also stay in place in some magical way that I really appreciate them inventing. They also have other things like soothies and bib clips coming soon. All their fabrics are colorful and trendy, and the quality can't be beat.
So as school once again approaches, head over to Bugalug and pick up some slammin hair accessories to send your little girl to school in style.
Check out Bugalugs site here!

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NoSlippy said...

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