Create-a-Tale is Fantastic Fun for a Five year Old!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I have to admit, when I first opened Create a Tale to review it, I wasn't all that impressed. Wait, wait, it gets better. Ok, so the graphics are not Disney. They don't claim to be. And the stories are so so. Ok - is this heading out to be a crappy review?Absolutely not. You see, I may not think this Create a Tale DVD is "da Bomb" but... is it for me? No... It's for Soph. And let me tell you, Sophia LOVES THIS DVD!!!!

Last night after Sagan went to bed I handed her the remote ( a must have to purchase this DVD, the stories will not work with out a DVD remote) and let her at it. You simply play the disc in any DVD player, and at different points, children decide which path the story will take. A new story is created every time! Designed for children ages 3-6, these interactive stories have been acclaimed by parents and teachers for educating children on fundamental reading and critical thinking skills.
Overall, this DVD is addictive. It has a low learning curve, so your little one can get started immediately. the 5 interactive stories have names like "Theres a Fly in my Soup", "The Monster Song" and "The Witches Stew". The controls are easy for my five year old to use. Its entertaining, creative, and funny. Sophia gives this DVD a 2 thumbs up. Im still leary of the production value, but it doesnt matter if your kid wants to play with this thing for an hour... perfect for rainy days!
It may look like it was producted in MS Paint, but I assure you that your kid will never know the difference. Kids love two things, playing with the remote and watching stuff on the TV... so this is a perfect combo! Go get your copy of Create-a-tale today at!

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Katie said...

I love the DVD idea. I had a book that I still have that my aunt and uncle did for me when I was young - Katie the Investigator. Same thing as far as the illustrations but it was the best way to really keep me interested in reading and expand my imagination!