High Five is a Highlight of our Evenings!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Remember Highlights magazine? I remember always reading them in the pediatricians office while waiting to see the doctor. I loved Goofus and Gallant. My husband often quotes them... well, in a funny way, but, still the memories are there. Well, now, the editors of Highlights magazine has a new magazine geared specifically for the 2-6 set and we love it. The quality of the pages is uncanny. The colors are perfectly bright, the stories short and cute- it is really a great, great little magazine for your kids. The pages are super durable, printed on some sort of thick paper, the ink is also safe for little mouths... like Sagan's.

Highlights High Five is intended to be enjoyed by the child with an adult or older sibling, although there are features that many children will be able to enjoy again independently after they are introduced to them. Each issue features a high-quality mix of Highlights fun, such as read-aloud fiction stories—including stories that introduce the Spanish language - as well as age-appropriate crafts and cooking activities, poems, finger play, and rhymes. Based on widely accepted and well known theories of child development, Highlights High Five is designed to help stimulate children's social and emotional growth, their ability to reason and to think creatively, their physical well-being, and their acquisition of language skills. But your little ones won't even think about that technical stuff. This magazine quickly became a bedtime favorite in this house, and I highly reccomend it for kids. Check out High Five today and subscribe here.

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Katie said...

We get High Five and two other extensions from High Five Lady Bugs and something else...Puzzles or something like that. Anyway, it is the one thing at the end of the day that brings a big smile to Madison's face to see she received mail! We love going through all the stories and other things they have! Worth every penny!