The MimoBots are coming! Squeeeeee!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

One of my favorite things about having this blog is showing people something they have never seen before. It's quickly becoming the highlight of my week. So, Let me tell you about this great little deisgner USB drive I found called a Mimobot. Just LOOK at all the choices you have. Our personal favorites around here are Mimobots from the Star wars Collection. This little Ewok over here came in a little velvet tree carrying case and his face pokes out. I mean, its so ridiculously cute.

Cute may be the way to go, but these are still infact, a utility for your computer or laptop. These are 2 Gig flash drives, after all. I assure you if you have one of these little suckers plugged into your laptop the next time you hit the internet cafe' people will notice it.... and want to know where you got it. So make sure you send them over to Mimobots, because they have a HUGE selection to fit any mood. Check these out:
I have mad love for the galaxor, myself. They are made of durable matierials, are very affordable, and best of all, they are cute with a capital C. Go check out Mimobots today!