Review: Dropps makes Laundry Less Boring

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dropps are a cool and eco-friendly alternative to messy and gritty liquid and powder detergents. These handy pre measured paks are incredibly easy to use, and get your clothes super clean. While Dropps provides a powerful scrub for your duds, it isn't the harsh kind of cleaning found in other detergents. Instead, their kindly formula gets ferocious on the dirt, but is easygoing on your clothes. I found it to be perfect for Sagan's super dirty clothing and it got my towels very clean and left them smelling nice.

Best of all, at least for me, it is HE washer friendly. We got a great deal on a front loading LG washing machine a few months ago and it takes only the HE kind of soaps. Now, don't fall over and off your chair or anything, but - my husband does ALL the laundry in the house, and yes, usually, he is the one who folds it too. I have been known to throw a few loads in a month, like if the kids laundry is particularly foul or there is a crib poop out. So, technically, I had to ask Stu if he liked these, and he said they were fine. I loved how my towels felt after using Dropps. Stu's only complaint is that in the humidity of our basement washroom, the next day when he went to do laundry, the Dropps capsules were slightly tacky and stuck together. This probably could have been avoided had he remembered to shut the top of the bag better! Any hoo, I think Dropps are a great idea. Smart, economical ( if you do the math) and great for sensitive skin. And the best part is you can find Dropps at Walmart, Target, and their complete line, including buing them in bulk, can be found at Amazon.

Try some Dropps, and you won't go back to big sticky, leaky bottles of blue stuff ever again, I promise.

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Katie said...

sweet! I use liquid..and it at times can be quite the PITA..KWIM? Glad to see someone came up with that concept!