Want some Run around Fun Around? Animal Scramble.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, since I seemed to have overtaken the Hyper Dash game for myself, I was thrilled that there is yet another awesome shake and move target tagging game from Wild Planet called Animal Scramble. Animal Scramble is brand spankin new and is great fun for preschoolers to age 5.

Animal Scramble features an electronic hand-held tagger (sound familiar? Yes! It is like my favorite game Hyper Dash, thanks for asking!) shaped like a giraffe and four fist-sized friends (a monkey, parrot, tiger and elephant). The giraffe calls out which animals kids should run to and tag and tracks the amount of time taken to complete each course. In team mode, kids are instructed to pass the giraffe to other players as they work cooperatively to achieve their fastest time. The giraffe houses a microchip that uses Radio Frequency Identification to recognize the different animal targets, which can be set up side-by-side, or spread out across the length of a football field. Personally, I think it reminds me a little bit of a bar code scanner technology!

When the giraffe is placed over the correct animal, the circuit is complete and the players advance. As the game progresses, the commands become more challenging. In early levels, the giraffe calls out the first letter or full name of the animal to tag. Once kids master the names, the game adds in animal sounds, colors and characteristics. (Who says "roar!" "Who is orange?" "Who has stripes?")

As a side note, my kids SLAM that giraffe down on the animals and they hold up. The materials that this game is made of can stand up to a toddler and a preschooler slamming it around with out so much as a scuff. Good quality!

Animal Scramble requires physical exertion through running, bending, reaching and tagging movements that aid in the development of large and small muscle groups while improving coordination and motor skills. The sharing, listening and turn-taking aspects of the game practice positive social behaviors. Animal Scramble is just another fun, fast paced game that causes kids to giggle, run, think on their feet, and most of all, have fun.

Interested in getting in on the fun too? You can find Animal Scramble at many retail locations, or, order it here, from our friends at Wild Planet.