First day of SCHOOL!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today was Sophia's first day of Kindergarden. She took it like a pro, completely chill, like she does most things in life. I see her get so stressed out over a little paint on her shirt, but getting on a big yellow bus with a bunch of strangers seemed to be a highlight of her year.

I am having a tough week, lots of ups and downs. Sorry for the lack of products this week, Sophia started school, Sagan saw a neurologist for the first time, and he needs more speech therapy ( like, loads more) but other than that seems to be doing pretty well over all with his "mad skilz". Sophia loves school and made a new friend. Oh, and the Lands End back pack is awesome! I couldn't have gotten her a better suited pack for those hauls too and from school.

Speaking of Lands End, the back pack contest is officially closed! I will announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck everyone!


Ginny said...

What a doll! How exciting starting middle school. That is an adorable backpack. The one I got was a dark red, Cami was going to use it but it seemed to big for her & she is a total pink girl. I decided to save it for Alli when she gets a little older & needs to carry tons of books :)

Katie said...

how cute! She is little miss Stacy in that picture! I just want to squeeze her!