New Toys from Thinkativity bring Diversity to Playtime!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sagan got to try out two of the new toys from Thinkativity, the Soar and Explore Story Teller and the Musical Mixer. First off, Sophia claimed the Musical Mixer, because it's really not made for an 18 month old. It's a very interesting toy with lots of options, but it's way to wordy and complicated for a little one. What you have to do is, press a food, then find the magnetic ingredients to put into the mixer. So, for Pizza, you would try to find the crust magnet, cheese magnet, and mushroom magnet. You fish through the colorful half circles and press them into the half moon slots. When you make the food correctly it plays a song. I did like how if you put broccoli OR mushrooms, it still says "Great job! You have made: Pizza!" There is a salad, chocolate chip cookies, Pizza etc. Sophia loves putting the magnets in and figuring out the ingredients. Its a really colorful toy and kids will love it, but I really hope thinkativity rethinks the age to about 2 or 3 years.

The other toy we were lucky enough to play with is the Soar and Explore Story Teller. It is cute. See below.

Ok this is a very unique toy. You spin those panels and then press the button in the left hand corner and it tells a story using different languages. But the lettering is almost too small to read, it's confusing for little ones, and to hear it well, you have to point the nose toward you. I was impressed with the illustrations though.

Overall, Thinkativity toys, which challenges children to create their own learning experience, is on the right track. They have a very impressive line of colorful, unique and challenging toys that actually teach kids. However, I do think these two particuloar toys are little to no interest to an 18 month old, nor a 2 year old. My older daughter plays with them more. Look for lots of cool Thinkativity toys in your local toy store and on-line stores, soon!

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Katie said...

Cute concept to learning!