As we embark on Potty Training, I introduce, the Boon Bench.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We recently were lucky enough to receive a Boon Potty Bench. This anit your Momma's potty seat, ladies. Yes, Boon is such an awesome company, it can even make teaching your child to go diaperless stylish, trendy and oh so easy.

This is the best, most versitile potty seat out there. We are maddly in love. I mean, how can I get this excited about a place where my son will be plopping down excrement in a few short weeks? ( We hope?) Well, this potty seat also doubles as a solid, strong step stool. Ha, I said stool, how ironic. Yes, I have a sick mind, but alas, I am whipped today, exhausted by a friend's visit with her two small children, excited about starting potty training, and stil reeling from the announcement my almost non verbal son mustered this evening... " I poo." Music to my ears. A complete phrase! And in true style of his father, it's about a bodily function. I am sure we are on the right path now, both with speech and toilet training.

So let me tell you the features of this potty seat, other than the fact it matches my FrogPod. Ok, so what if I am thinking of painting my bathroom white and green to match my Boon products? Do you think that's a bit overkill? No, but really, this seat is plenty big, made of Boon's usual sturdy high quality plastic, and has sliding storage on either side for things like toilet paper and books. The little "catchers mitt" is soft and easy to install, the drawer is easy to slide in and out, and when its not in use, it is a cool step stool that looks like this:

Groovy right? So, if you have a little one getting ready to learn to use the toilet, This is a great versatile piece that will make any little one a happy camper. Sagan gives it a two thumbs up! Now lets see if he understands what it is for. Check out the Boon Potty Bench at local retailers near you!!! I'll keep you updated.