Celebrate Green for guilt free Holidays that are Enviro-friendly!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wondering how to not clog up the environment ( and your lives) with more plastic and clutter around holidays? Well look no further. Celebrate Green is your one stop website for all your green celebration needs. There is something for everyone.

Lynn and Corey are a mother daughter team whose passion is "greening up" celebrations with tips and tricks that are affordable and planet friendly. From reusable gift bags ( a passion of mine!) eco friendly halloween bags and costumes, and even easter baskets, no holiday tip is left unturned.

Now, as well as their extremely easy to use and interesting website, they have a book out called Celebrate Green! It is chock full of eco friendly holiday tips that will quickly become tradition in your household.
Check out Celebrate Green! And learn more about keeping your holidays healthy and eco-savy this season, while making fun your family's number one priority.


jillrichards said...

I have been looking for something like this forever! Thanks so much fo rthe review, it sounds like an awesome book!

Katie said...

What a wondeful idea! Thanks for the link. I have the re-useable grocery bags that I take EVERYWHERE...they hold so much more and it is nice to know that I'm helping in some small little way. And I'm totally into the giftbag reuse. Actually...we reuse a lot of stuff...you'd be surprised.