There are choices out there - why not review some?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey it's a review site, so, I will take a small break from all the goodies I have to review and tell you my take on some of the best tasting and worst looking GFCF foods I have given Sagan thus far.

Enjoy Life Snicker Doodles - Not the prettiest cookie you will ever see, but nice texture. Sagan loves them. He asked for one tonight actually with a very clear "Cookie, Please". This is the same kid who asked for things in his highchair up till two weeks ago by slamming his head backwards and screaming. I prefer his sweet little polite voice. Wouldn't you?

Thank you Bob, and your Red Mill. I don't know if you paint it red, or, maybe it's just colored red with beet juice and "Annato" like all of Sagan's foods lately, but, I love you and your big honkin' Ernest Hemmingway beard. We eat your pancake mix, your bread flour, ( who knew you could do that with garbanzo beans?) and I even bought that wacky bacterial outter casing stuff called Xanthan gum so my baking didnt have the consistancy of a rock. Thank you Bob for caring about what goes into our mouths. Love your stuff.

The plain ones taste just like Cheetos. These are Sagans favorite snack, but they are seem high in salt, so I limit them. Gluten Free Casein free junk food. He'd eat the whole bag if I let him.

Our favorite entree that we all eat is my Gluten Free chicken tenders. I use egg, gluten free corn meal, and lots of salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika. The best chicken to use for these is that really tender stuff that comes in the huge packages from Sams Club. I hate how each tender seems to be suspended on a nasty little tendon, but I pull the meat off, roll it in the corn meal mix and then fry it in a light canola oil, and it has the texture and crunch of really good fried clams. The bigger peices I store away for the next day and make organic Chicken Parm with Rice pasta and soy cheese. I have to say I make those chicken tenders three times a week and everyone in the house devours them, even Sophia.

I make slip ups here and again, like I got him Soy pudding thinking I was being all slick and what not, and come to find out it has Wheat Starch in it. Didn't seem to have much effect on him. If I give him bread or pizza, then I was seeing the head banging and "gluten fog" come rolling in for the day. We don't even let him near stuff like that anymore. Eventually I hope to have his diet more fine tuned, but this is the best I can do with only three weeks experience. all I can say is thank Garsh for the internets.