Giveaway - Stocking Stuffer Alert! The Mommy Hook

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This thing is aaawesome! You can hang about 20 christmas shopping bags off this puppy. Hook it to your stroller, your doube stroller, your jogging stroller, the shopping cart, there is nothing too big or too heavy for this all purpose grappling hook to hold comfortably. To test it out, I did some early christmas shopping.... you know, for myself... and Sagan and I gave the Mommy Hook a whirl. I think my favorite feature is the comfort grip that you can use as a handle to carry your bags in the house with out having to take them off the hook itself. You can use Mommy hooks to store things in your garage. I can't stop thinking of things I can do with this versitile hook... and I think it would be a good stocking stuffer for the Mommy in your life, the mommy club pot luck dinner, office co-workers, the sister who just had a baby, the kindergarden teacher gift, etc. Its original, it's unique and it's in your price range. Buy your's at Babies R Us today!

How cool is this? The distributors of The Mommy Hook have graciously given us one to giveaway! This is the perfect thing to help you out with busy Christmas shopping season. To win a Mommy Hook all you need to do is comment on this post and tell me - who do you know who could really use a mommy hook and why? Be creative! This contest ends December 3rd, and please leave a valid email on the post if it isn't on your profile! Thanks and good luck!

Giveaway: Pillsbury gift Set - Bringing family Home this Thanksgiving

Monday, November 17, 2008

You know the sound...."Hee Hee"! How familiar are you with the loveable commerical cream puff the Pillsbury Dough Boy? Well, I remember being a kid, and the Doughboy was clay-mation, and now, as an adult, he is CGI. I think I miss the old Doughboy, though the new Doughboy is much more millenium friendly. Anyway, The Pillsbury Home is Calling campaign is focused on bring your family back together around the dinner table. And who doesnt like sit around the table gnoshing on Crescent rolls? Do you have any idea how many recipes I have that use crescent rolls? Yeah, about 20.

Everytime you go to Pillsbury's Home Is Calling website and forward the message along to a friend or family member, Pillsbury will donate 1lb+ of food to food banks across America.

Pillsbury has generously sent me a gift basket full of goodies, plus 3 more to give away. THREE Sagan's Universe readers will win Pillsbury Home is Calling™ gift baskets containing the following . . .

a coupon for Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls
a magnetic coupon holder
a house-shaped mouse pad
pot holders
a cookie sheet
a bread basket
a loveable Pillsbury Doughboy figurine
And what perfect timing with the Holidays and all. Please leave me a comment with your favorite way to eat Crescent rolls, and if you feel brave... leave me a recipe. One can never have too many Crescent roll recipes. Make sure you leave an email where I can reach you when I pull the winners. Remember, there are three winners for this contest!!!! Look at the comments, I will post a few recipes of my own! and don't forget to check out Home is Calling!
Better get cookin! This contest ENDS November 24th!

Giveaway - ArtfulAr's Beaded Jewels - And Not Just cuz She's my Mother in Law.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My children are blessed with good genes. I am lucky to come from a talented family, and so is my husband. Proof of that talent, is my Mother in Law's artwork, ranging from painted bowls and other painted items, striking water colors, oil paintings on canvas, fabric quilts, french beaded flowers, and now, intricate beaded jewelry. The woman is a virtual dynamo of artistic talent. I've been with my husband almost 12 years, (married 8!) and I don't ever remember a time when Arlene was not creating something beautiful , not churning out some delicate, time intensive creation more unique than the last. I don't think there is an artistic medium the woman has not worked in. I look forward to seeing what's next.

Now, my MIL has devoted a website, called, where you can see her artistry and craft, and even purchase some of her exquisite beaded creations. Interested in getting someone you know and love something that's one of a kind this Christmas? Check out Mom's new and improved on-line store. Hurry, these pieces won't last!

Readers, you are in luck, because my MIL has graciously passed along one of these cool Kimono necklaces for a give-away. Check out the site, and tell me your favorite thing on the site in a comment. The winner receives one of these :

Remember to leave me an email to reach you at if it doesn't pop up automatically in your profile. Winner will be picked from a random number drawing. Contest Ends November 27th! Good luck!