All Things are not equal in the GF world...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Betty Crocker has risen above and beyond this time. After months and months off digging around health food stores, reading every ingredient fifty times to find traces of things Sagan was not allowed to eat, I hit the mother load - Betty Crocker has put out not one, not two, but an entire LINE of Gluten Free boxed pre baked goodies. Cookies. Cakes. Brownies. And the taste? Great. Not just ok, but great. Great flavor, great scent when baking, sweet but not sickly sweet, and no brick like texture. I couldn't even tell I was eating Gluten Free cake.

Now there is a difference between people like me, who have their kids on a casien free gluten free diet ( we slacked on the gluten for the summer, but not the milk protien, called "casien") and people with celiac disease. I have a few friends with celiac and I do reccomend this line of baking products to them, because they are manufactured in a gluten free facility. That means no cross contamination. So you can have your fluffy baked goods, your cakes and cookies at parties, and not miss out. Seriously brilliant.

If you would like to try some Betty Crocker Gluten free baking products as seen above, leave me a comment on this post, and tell me about you or your loved one that is on a GF diet. I will pick a couple people and you will have some B.C. GF goodies sent right to your door... sound cool? Hurry though, This blog contest ends September 14th! US residents only, please.


Dave and Jess said...

i'd love to get some of these bad boys and possibly win some 'good daughter in law points' with dave's mom who is severely wheat & gluten allergic!

mrshap said...

Cakes and cookies and brownies... oh my! Cooper would be the envy of his classmates instead of "that weird kid who's mom won't let him eat anything." Can't wait to try them!