The View is great from here - Win a trip to see the View!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I went to see The View a few months ago, and we had a ball in NYC. I can't believe I forgot to blog about it. But now that I am a The View brand Ambassator, I am revisiting that wonderful trip in my head. I don't always agree with what the ladies of the View talk about, but I have learned tolerance from watching them. They prove people from different backgrounds with differing opinions and passions can work well together. Here's a picture of my Mother in Law Arlene and I at the View in November.

Here's Sherrie looking awesome. The camera really does add weight because that girl has done wonders with her figure.

If you would like a once in a lifetime chance to see The View in NYC, there is currently a sweepstakes to win a trip. Click here for a chance to enter and you can win a trip to see a taping of The View! Thanks, Mom Central!

Say Cheese! Here's a pic I took from where I was sitting.

I am a participant in The View brand Campaign, and will receive a tote bag and other items for my reviews and promotions.