Nutella Makes Everything Better. Spread the Word Today!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recently Nutella and asked some moms like me to try their product and spread the word about how awesomely delicious it is.... well, let me tell you,, you had me at Nutella.

Nutella, for those of you who have been living under a rock, is a heavenly chocolate hazelnut spread, about the consistency of melted peanut butter. It spreads extremely well. Is it fattening? Sure, if you eat an entire JAR of it, which, sadly, I have to admit I did a few years ago, and I am still trying to get that weight off... but no, seriously, a little bit of this stuff on pretty much ANYTHING will make your kids eat their breakfast in what looks like a fit of ecstasy. Try it on whole grain toast, Nutri-grain waffles with fruit, rolled up in a breakfast burrito with bananas and walnuts, or my personal favorite, on a Kim's Magic Pop. ( the round corn discs they sell atShoprite, 15 calories a disc and perfect with just about any topping).

I had a few friends over and introduced them to the great magic of Nutella last night. Now, my story with Nutella begins back in 1997, when some friends brought me a HUGE jar of the stuff back from Germany. (that's you, Andrea!) Along with the Nutella, Andrea also brought me back about 14 bars of Milka Chocolate in various flavors, which we won't get into. ( can a human being really gain 7 pounds in one week? The answer to this pressing question is yes, they can.) Every morning, my German friends would eat big, fluffy rolls slathered with Nutella, and bacon. Not kidding, Bacon.... not the fried up kind either. Big, ol floppy bacon... *shudder* but I digress. That was the first time I tried this Hazelnut confection... and I was hooked.

So whether you are from New Jersey, Little Rock or Bavaria, the fact is, Nutella is good stuff. It transcends language barriers. It goes with anything. And now that you know... go buy someNutella. Give it to your kids on stuff they normally don't eat, (no, not asparagus, but nice try) and watch the breakfast magic unfold right at your table - because breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Heres a couple more pictures of the Nutella party I threw....

Thanks to all the ladies ( and some kids) who came and made the night really fun!

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